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Jim Gaffigan is one of the funniest guys in all of show business. He became world famous back in the early days of YouTube when his “Hot Pocket” standup routine went viral, but he remains one of the hottest comedy acts there is. Whether he’s coming to your town, or you’re planning a trip to go and see him perform, he will be one of the highlights of your year. He’s a popular performer, so you’ll want to plan ahead in order to get the best possible tickets and prices.

Gaffigan has had many tours over the last several years, and it doesn’t seem like he’s going to be calling it quits any time soon. Although that means that there will likely be tickets available again in the future, it also means that he is popular enough that those dates are likely to be big sellers, too. Besides, his incredible popularity right now is there for a reason. His routine changes from show to show and year to year, so even if you see him twice you will get to experience two different shows. Even if there is some repeat in material, his delivery is still hilarious.

Gaffigan was already an underground hit before he hit it big on YouTube. He was on The Ellen Show from 2001-2002, had a small role in a handful of episodes of That ‘70s Show, and appeared in the 2001 cult classic, Super Troopers. He has also had a regular role on the show My Boys for the first three seasons of the show. Although he had gained a small following during this timeframe, it wasn’t until his standup career took off that he gained the popularity that he currently has. Luckily for us, he is one of the funniest guys out there. He has also recorded a number of comedy albums and written a couple of books about his life and experiences. He has been in many other television shows and movies in the last ten years, both in comedic and dramatic roles.

Gaffigan has a reputation for being a clean comedian. In fact, The Wall Street Journal dubbed him “The King of Clean” back in 2013. His Catholic background and his family are two of the most popular topics that he touches upon during his routines. He has become renowned for his deadpan humor and his ability to make fun of himself in the middle of his jokes. Because he doesn’t swear or use any sort of profane imagery in his routines, he is a good comedian to take the whole family to see. If you’ve never heard him before, be sure to check him out on YouTube. He has even had five Netflix specials recorded. If he’s not coming to your city while he’s on tour—or if you just can’t wait to see him perform—be sure to check out one of these.

This reputation has led to some negative criticism, but that shouldn’t deter you if you’re a fan of comedy. No, you won’t hear any curse words or political discussions at his shows, but that’s not really what being funny is about. Gaffigan will touch on topics that almost everyone can relate to, but in a way that people don’t find offensive. That’s one of the reasons why he’s so universally liked.

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