Tim Northern

Thu, May 3, 2018
Fri, May 4, 2018
Sat, May 5, 2018

Tim Northern

with Holly Lynnea

Following humorist Tim Northern’s appearance as a finalist on the nationally televised “Star Search”, Naomi Judd raved about his performance. “He’s the only one that could be a member of Mensa,” she said.“I absolutely adore the cerebral humor.” Noted intellectual (and former game show host) Ben Stein agreed with her assessment, adding his own accolade, “I love that fact that he assumes his audience has a brain!” Coming from an Ivy League presidential pundit, that’s high praise indeed for someone who never set foot in college. “It was a great moment,” Tim says.And it’s exactly the response he’s hoping for each and every time he takes the stage. “That’s what I’m striving for. I provide you with two-thirds of the joke, and you provide the other third. It’s like ‘do-it-yourself’ comedy.” That do-it-yourself approach is paying off for the Nashville native, whose influences are a veritable Who’s Who of comic genius. “George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Steven Wright – I like all of ‘em.” Once Tim takes control of the mike, he relies on much the same type of material that those classic comedians used to land in the national spotlight – plain and simple, Tim Northern is a word man. “Love words. Love ‘em!” Tim says. His enthusiasm for words and language results in what can aptly be described as humor for the thinking person, a unique combination of intellect and fun-filled observation. And yet, it’s mainstream humor that everyone understands. Simply put, Tim Northern is punster of the highest caliber. “A lot of people say puns are the lowest form of humor,” he admits. “It’s knowing how to pull ‘em off that makes it work. I basically do set-ups and punch lines. I don’t tell stories. I don’t try to preach. I don’t try to come up with some kind of point of view. I’m making fun of words, cleverly disguised puns.” And he does it - for the most part – with a straight face. Unlike some comics who laugh at their own jokes, Tim prefers to present an observation to his audience. He allows them time to ponder what he’s said, then lets them do the laughing. “If I did it with a big grin, it would be very cornball. My delivery of the puns makes them more palatable. I don’t wanna laugh, because then the audience will know that’s when they’re supposed to laugh. I’d rather for them to laugh when they’re supposed to without my prompting.” But, like any humorist, sometimes the absurdity of what Tim’s saying does tickle his funny bone. “There are times when I laugh just because it’s so silly,” he says. “I’ll laugh at the absurdity of what I said - but very sparingly. I don’t want that to be a crutch. I do jokes about the most absurd things, and I know the audience is thinking, ‘How is that gonna be funny?’ That’s when I give them a chance to put it all together. It’s smart humor.” Tim continually hones that smart humor, seeking – and finding – new turns of phrase on a daily basis. On the road for much of the year, he uses that travel time for wordplay whenever possible. “I’m excited when I’m in a different town, a different setting,” he says. “It gets my creative juices going, gets me thinking more. I might just be talking to people, or else reading a newspaper when something will hit me – a weird sentence, maybe. I’ll explore it, and things happen.”

Holly Lynnea

For a woman who thought she would work in advertising someday, comedy turned out to be where Holly Lynnea landed. The Louisville-based comedian, writer, actress and dancer with a wicked repartee, has performed comedy across the US and Canada. Holly further honed her comedic timing, while training in writing and improv at The Second City and iO Training Centers in Chicago, IL. Her comedic style is best described as charming, yet unapologetic. She engages her audiences by sharing the not-so-proud life experiences that led to her quirky worldviews.

Holly Lynnea made her television debut on the FOX Network's "Laughs TV" show. She also served as the lead dancer and choreographer in a music video for the Grammy nominated music group, The Foreign Exchange (Asking For A Friend) for their album, "Tales From The Land Of Milk and Honey". Most recently, Holly earned a spot as a semi-finalist for Stand-Up NBC.

She has worked with many notable comedians to include: D.L. Hughley (Original Kings of Comedy), Maronzio Vance (Last Comic Standing, Lopez), Steve O (Jackass), Rod Man (Last Comic Standing) and Rich Vos (HBO, Showtime, Starz, Jimmy Kimmel). She has also featured for comedians Roy Wood Jr. (Last Comic Standing, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah), Tommy Johnagin (Letterman, Conan, Last Comic Standing) and Sean Patton (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Conan, Comedy Central) to name a few.

Holly has performed at the Cape Fear Comedy Festival (2014), Gilda's LaughFest (2012, 2013, 2014, 2016), Chicago Women's Funny Festival (2012 - 2016), Cincinnati Brew Ha-Ha (2012-2016), Scruffy City Comedy Festival (2014, 2015), Whiskey Bear Comedy Festival (2016), Toronto's SheDot Festival (2016), and the Derby City Comedy Festival (2014, 2015). Holly was recently selected to perform in the Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival, Accidental Comedy Festival, Crossroads Comedy Festival and the Scruffy City Comedy Festival in the fall of 2016.

When she is not performing comedy, she enjoys watching football, drinking male tears, astrology, pleading with her mom to calm down, and screaming "grow up" to unruly children.