Get Tickets!

Getting tickets to the show of your choice might seem tough, especially if it’s a big name comedy act that you’d like to go see. Luckily, getting tickets is easier now than ever before. Here, I will walk you through a few easy steps to make sure that you always can find the tickets that you want, along with a few tips on how to save a few bucks.

First, you need to settle on a few different ticket sites that you will be using. I prefer using a reputable site that will allow me to customize alerts so I can know when the ticket’s I’m interested in are available. Not all ticket sites offer alerts, though. If your go-to resource does, this an easy way to take advantage of being in the know. It is easier to buy tickets when you’re the first to know about them. At the very least, almost all sites will start to learn what your preferences are and then let you know occasionally when shows that fit your interest profile are coming up near you. It’s not a perfect system, but it will help you to get more information. You can use this to find info about comedy acts, as well as any other performances that might be going on nearby.

You will want to have an account with whatever site you use. Some sites don’t require you to have an account, but this is valuable to you over the long haul. It makes you eligible for better deals, promotion emails, and more. It might seem like a pain, but it will help you save money and get better-tailored ads sent your way.

Finally, familiarize yourself with the ticket search process. Each site is a little different, but once you find one or two you like, you should know how to navigate it efficiently. This will give you an advantage over others when it comes to really popular events.

Saving Money

Finding the tickets that you want is just the first step. The second is paying for them—and sometimes this is the most difficult part of the whole process. There are a number of strategies out there that can help you to save money on buying comedy tickets. One of the easiest methods is to apply a coupon or promo code while you’re checking out. Of course, if you’re going to do this, then you need to have a coupon available to you. Sometimes, the ticket site will supply these on their own. Other times, you will need to go look for them. Either way, the few extra minutes that you spend finding a valid code will help reduce costs. Typically, this won’t save you a ton of money—just a few bucks. But over time, saving a few bucks here and there can really pay off.

The timing of your purchase can also be really helpful. For acts that aren’t receiving a lot of press and television time, waiting until the last minute is usually the best way to save money. This is when people are worried that their tickets will not sell and that they will lose money. They begin to drop prices with the hope that someone has been waiting for tickets to get cheaper before they buy. If you’re ready to purchase when this happens, it will end up being you that saves money!

For bigger named comedians, like Jim Gaffigan, Jeff Foxworthy, Jerry Seinfeld, and more, this strategy will not work. Instead, you will want to buy tickets for about six weeks before the show. Even with this timing, tickets will not be considerably lower. Still, this has been shown to be the lowest point on average. It’s not a hundred percent accurate, but it can help.

These are not steadfast rules, but they do apply much of the time. Using these techniques will help you to save money and ensure that you get to see the show that you want to, and not go broke while doing so.